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TransLes LLC is the largest rail operator for timber cargo transportation in Russia and the CIS countries. The company provides a range of services to the timber industry enterprises in the domestic and export traffic for the raw material and finished product transportation. TransLes operates the largest fleet of specialized log flatcars within the 1520 gauge area.

TransLes is a part of of RTK Group, which is a multi-profile railway holding, the market leader in agricultural and bulk cargo transportation. RTK is one of the five largest independent rolling stock operators in the Russian Federation in terms of car fleet with over 64,000 cars.


Competitive advantages

  • Uninterrupted car fleet supply guaranteed even during the high demand season.
  • Provision of cars with optimum performance for any type of timber industry cargoes. 
  • Solving transport supply tasks with the best practices and a highly professional team. 
  • Direct interaction with clients and branches of Russian Railways in the key regions of cargo traffic origin.