TransLes added 5,000 railcars to its fleet.

TransLes began to provide services for the pipes transportation in timber platforms (the MTU for loading pipes into timber platforms developed). In 2023, more than 500 wagon shipments of large-diameter pipes were carried out on timber platforms.

TransLes became a member of the Russian Association of Freight Forwarding and Logistic Organizations for a more professional and active container transportation development.

The average age of TransLes’s timber platforms fleet has decreased to 9 years. It makes possible to increase the transportation efficiency through the use of modern models of wagons.

08/13/2021 TransLes became part of Demetra-Holding

TransLes and Sveza Group started implementing a large-scale logistics project of raw wood procurement to the company’s plywood mills by railway.

TransLes has transported 60,000 TEU, which is the maximum for 5 years of providing services for comprehensive forwarding of container cargoes.

In December 2020, TransLes celebrated 15 year of work in the rail transportation market.

TransLes expanded its range of services with a new type of integrated logistics option (including rental of the client's rolling stock). The company provides efficient transport services, timely delivery of cars in the required quantity, as well as repairs.

The car fleet was updated, among others, with innovative models. The fleet of innovative log flatcars reached 550 units.

TransLes significantly increased its competence in the container transportation, as its volume reached 33,700 TEU in 2019, which is over 1.5 times higher than in the previous year.

TransLes became the first company to place log flatcars on ETP GP, an online trade platform of the Russian Railways for cargo transportation.

TransLes became the main shareholder of Nurminen Logistics LLC, which is a Russian subsidiary of Nurminen Logistics PlC, a logistics service provider in Finland.

The company signed contracts for the supply of 550 innovative cars for timber transportation.

TransLes implemented successfully the 2018 investment program, adding more than 1,100 new log flatcars to its fleet.

Under conditions of the growing market demand for integrated logistics solutions, Transles started operating its own fleet of universal flatcars, providing customers with services for the transportation of machinery, equipment, construction cargoes, and lumber.

TransLes and RFP Group, the largest timber industry holding in the Russian Far East, signed a long-term service contract for the transportation of roundwood and lumber.

The company's long-term development strategy was approved.

A large-scale investment program was put into implementation to purchase 1,500 new flatcars of the 13-9924-01 model.

Route shipments that optimize logistics and reduce the load on the railway infrastructure increased by over 1.5 times.

In October 2016, a separate TransLes division was opened in Asino.

The company joined the Association of logging and timber exporting companies of the Irkutsk region.

TransLes started providing services for comprehensive forwarding of container cargoes.

The company joined the Dalexportles association and the Union of timber producers and exporters of the Irkutsk region.

In December 2015, TransLes celebrated a decade of work in the railway transportation market.

1,400 logging platforms were purchased to update the fleet.

In order to optimize logistics and offer customers the best ways to deliver timber cargoes, the company uses extensively group route shipments.

TransLes started providing services of container transportation by railway.

The company became a member of the SRO Union of Railway Operators Market, a non-commercial partnership.

TransLes became part of RTK Group, a multi-profile railway holding company, the market leader in agricultural and bulk cargo transportation.

500 new log flatcars were purchased to update the rolling stock.

At the year-end, the volume of timber cargo transportation with sourced rolling stock (gondola cars) exceeded 2.7 million tons.

The rolling stock owned and leased by the company reached 9,000 units.

Over 1,000 log flatcars were upgraded. New equipment of the 4443-02 model was installed.

To meet the growing demand for transportation from our customers, the company created a department for sourcing rolling stock.

The upgraded log flatcar equipped with fitting stops was tested.

TransLes began to develop actively a new direction: railway cargo transportation using universal flatcars, with the fleet of 1,000 such units in disposition.

The company's share in timber transportation reached 14 % by the year-end.

TransLes started forming car fleet and providing rolling stock to shippers. Contracts have been signed with the Northern, Oktyabrskaya, Gorkovskaya, Krasnoyarsk, East Siberian, Zabaikalskaya and Far East Railways.

TransLes cooperates actively with regional railway administrations and clients through its representative offices in Khabarovsk, Chita, Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk, Yaroslavl, Nizhny Novgorod, and St. Petersburg. The company's head office is located in Moscow.

TransLes LLC was incorporated on December, 2005.